Each opinioned synopsis is written right after I, Sheridan, read the book. Each synopsis is not overly edited and is not changed or added on to. Each one reflects the feelings and thoughts of the book fresh after reading it; each is written in a style close to that of the book. Some may give away a lot, others not so much.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Order of Odd-Fish by James Kennedy

The Order of Odd-Fish is a vibrant book about the adventures of Jo Larouche. She was born a dangerous baby and always felt like something was missing in her life. She didn't want to remain in the Ruby Palace out in the desert with her old, slightly crazy Aunt Lily who can't remember forty years of her life. She always wanted thing to change and with the arrival or the huge, walrus like Colonel Korsakov and his butler, a three foot high cockroach named Sefino, things will start changing faster than Jo could ever have imagined.
She will become entangled with desperate villains, creepy balloon people, knights on ostriches, unique friends, strange animals, terrifying gods and a wonderfully chaotic city that no one has heard of before.
This book is wonderfully fresh in plot and characters. t is extremely creative, full of amusing and scary twists and turns. The descriptions on Eldritch City and every other scene is so vibrant with sounds, sights and smells that you will feel you are in the book. This book doesn't have a boring moment. James Kennedy has created a whole 'nother world, vibrantly alive. A must read.
Recommended to ages 12 and Up.